Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer

Prior Learning


Our students come from a diverse range of educational backgrounds with varying life experiences.  Any previous study and learned skills can go towards your qualification through a recognition of prior learning (RPL) and credit transfers (CT)

What is a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT)

A recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a way to acknowledge relevant prior learning from acquired skills, knowledge, and experiences gained outside of formal education.

A credit transfer (CT) recognises previously completed units of study from another RTO when relevant to the qualification you are intending to complete.


These credits can go towards the completion of your qualification, and may allow you to reduce your workload, avoid repeating units that you have already been deemed competent in, and focus on acquiring new skills and knowledge. Successful attainment of RPL and/or CT can reduce your course fees. To learn more, see Fee Information

Obtaining a Recognition of Prior Learning

To apply for RPL, see our friendly staff to organise a consultation with one of our trainers to determine your competency against pre-determined performance measures. If a satisfactory outcome is achieved in one or more of these performance measures, competency will be awarded to go towards a partial completion or full qualification.


The RPL Process

  • During the process of attaining RPL, the trainer/assessor will:
  • Decide which units are to be recognised
  • Provide an evidence portfolio in line with agreed evidence plan
  • Undertake peer assessment or third-party evidence
  • Be prepared to ‘show, tell and apply’ skills and knowledge

Evidence required to obtain RPL may include:

  • Performance, demonstration, or skills test/assessment
  • Workplace or other pertinent observation
  • Oral presentation
  • Portfolio, logbook, task book, projects or assignments
  • Written presentation
  • Interview and questions
  • Simulations
  • Video, photographic (endorsed) evidence
  • Competency conversations (focusing on key points to look for in responses)

Obtaining a Credit Transfer

To apply for a credit transfer, talk to our friendly staff and complete the Credit Transfer Form.

You will need to provide evidence of unit completion by providing a Transcript of Academic Record or Statement of Attainment given to you from the RTO where you completed the relevant units.

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