How To Get An Early Childhood Education Certificate?

An Early Childhood Education Certificate might be the next step in your career if you love working with children. It could get you a raise and open new career doors and put you one step closer to a degree.
Ask yourself the questions below if you are considering an Early Childhood Education Certificate to make sure it is the right step for you.

1. What job can I get?

You can be qualified to work with children from 6 months to age 8 with a Certificate in Early Childhood Education. You can become a preschool teacher or a child care provider, after school carer or even a childhood camp counsellor.

2. How to choose a course to earn my certificate?

It is critical to choose the right course for you. Your schedule, budget and needs should not be affected by whatever program you choose.
Schedule: If you need to work while attending school then choose programs that allow students to have a job.
Budget: A person can go into debt for higher education. However, never take on too much student loan payments which can weigh you down. If paying for school is hard for you, see if you qualify for any financial aid or scholarship programs.
Needs: Check and see what the job requirements are if you want to work at a specific place. Some certificate programs are designed to get transferred into credits hours for a degree program.

3. What is the eligibility criteria for applying?

Most programs require applicants to be at least 18 years old since the course work will be college level and have their high school diploma. Every institute has an application fee also. Visit the school’s website and complete the online application form to apply. Follow any necessary deadlines to not get your enrolment delayed.

4. What are the differences between online and traditional schools?

Traditional schools used to be held as the standard in the industry. Most online programs today are, however, respected by potential employers. Online programs allow far more flexibility as compared to traditional schools, for example, students can take programs full-time or part-time, and accommodate online courses according to their work schedules.

5. What is the duration to obtain an Early Childhood Education Certificate?

The duration of the course can vary greatly from school to school. Some programs offer your certificate in 6 months while others may take two years. The amount of work required is same for both, but there is less time to complete a 6-months course as compared to a 2-years program.


If the above information helped you plan your early childhood education certification program then enrol into First Base Training certification program according to what fits best to your needs, budget and schedule. Call us now at 02 9687 8216 for further queries.

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