Emergency First Aid Response Course in Sydney

Acquiring a basic knowledge in First Aid Response in Sydney is highly recommended and crucial because in case of emergency, you can save a person’s life! A case of emergency can happen anywhere or anytime. It can happen at your workplace, in the open, at the Child Care, during earthquakes, storms or during any other forms of catastrophe.

Emergency First Aid Response will teach you how to stay calm, composed and at the same time what procedures to follow in order to save a person or persons’ life.

About HLTAID004

The course HLTAID004 is known as Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting. This course aims to provide a certified education, appropriate skills and adequate knowledge on how to conduct First Aid Response to infants, children and adults. There are Universities governing elaborated courses and there are other training service performing a similar task but only taking out the basic components from the detailed course. First Base Training provides a Government accredited course to national and international students. We provide training on CPR, First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis.

You are eligible to complete this course at any time you want to. You can start afresh or you can just update your knowledge. The course usually lasts for a day. And they are not that expensive either. At First Base Training, we charge only $110 (inclusive of learner guide).

Why choose this course?

The fundamental task of Emergency First Aid Response is to allow you to use the First Aid Box appropriately. A First Aid Warden will be trained how to handle people in grave situations, how not to panic during emergency and what kind of help to apply where necessary. A First Aid Warden is also trained to handle various responses in different workplaces that can undergo many kinds of dangers, location, context of the situation and the size.

Besides all these functionalities, the main task of a First Aid Warden is to help injured people till advanced assistance arrives or till the person recovers.

Most of the Emergency First Aid Response Workers are trained to provide service to Child Care and to senior citizens. In training, 3 kinds of mannequins are used: one represents infant, one for the child and one represents the adult.

Obtaining Emergency First Aid Response certificate is now fairly easy. You can get it in one day ! Call 02 96878216.   

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