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A growing number of Australians are requiring support with daily living as Australia’s ageing population continues to rise. These individuals are in need of compassionate and caring persons to help support their livelihoods and provide the utmost care to address their needs. If you have a genuine passion in caring for others, ageing support could be the right choice for you.

Our aged care courses in Sydney ensure that you can combine your passion for helping people with the appropriate skills to build a rewarding and lasting career. We have built a reputation for offering hands-on aged care qualifications in Parramatta and take immense pride in helping our students reach their dreams and attain the experience and tools that they need to thrive in their careers. Our dedicated and experienced mentors will support you every step of the way to help you excel in your learning, and hone the theoretical and practical skills to confidently enter the Aged Care industry.

We currently offer two aged care courses in Sydney:

  • CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support
  • CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

The CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support course focuses on building the foundational components and knowledge to provide care for an ageing population. This qualification provides you with the skills to enter the aged care industry and begin working in one of Australia’s most in-demand professions.

For students who wish to pursue further studies, we offer Certificate IV in Ageing Support. This qualification builds on the foundational skills and knowledge gained in Certificate III in Individual Support, and expands your skill set to potentially take on supervisory roles and greater responsibility within the aged care industry.

Our courses set our students up for a variety of career choices in the health and community services industry, including:

  • Aged care worker
  • Assistant in nursing
  • Community care worker
  • Personal care worker
  • Respite worker

These rewarding careers are in-demand throughout Australia and are highly fulfilling for those who flourish in the role of a caretaker.

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support
CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Aged Care Certificate Training in Sydney, Australia

At First Base Training, we offer you the exciting opportunity to train and become certified in the field of aged care. Having a nationally recognised qualification in aged care will give you a peace of mind – you will know that you have moved one step closer to securing yourself a  job in the future. Training in aged care allows for flexible hours and provides skills that you have the capacity to transfer nationally throughout Australia!

Why Are So Many Students Taking Aged Care Courses?

At First Base Training, we aim to help individuals to explore potential and meaningful careers via our high-quality training, backed by our nationally accredited training. As a course that is in demand, aged care training in Sydney equips you with the skills and knowledge required to serve the aged community, whether applying your skills in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or in the homes of those in need.

How Can Aged Care Courses Help Build A Passion For Improving Lives?

While you may want to train in aged care for the career aspect of things, you are also directly serving the community. Much of the elderly population live a lonely and isolating lifestyle, they are our parents or grandparents and deserve to have the care and a hand of compassion extended to them, especially knowing that we could soon be where they are in terms of age. Training for a career which helps improve the life of elderly citizens also comes coupled with the rewarding feeling of assisting those in need and seeing the positive effect your involvement can have.

Seniors who live without friends, family and other support networks typically welcome being provisioned some kind of support. Our aged care courses provide you with the foundation and stepping stones required in order to assist senior citizens. When you operate as an aged care worker, you provide not only emotional and physical, but also mental support to the elderly. This will lead to improvements in their quality of life as well as general well-being.

When you pursue a career that allows you to have a positive impact on the lives of others on a daily basis, it becomes more than just another job.

Does Aged Care Training Help Boost Confidence And Communication Skills?

Working at an aged care provider, confidence and communication skills are vital for being able to relate to and interact with the elderly. Our course offerings allow you to absorb vital communication skills that, in turn, will also help to build the confidence you need in order to interact and engage effectively with the elderly in your care. By the time you’ve completed your course, you’ll be able to provide the support that the elderly need throughout their daily lives while boosting their overall confidence, quality of life and at the same time building upon your own confidence levels.

How Can Aged Care Training Help To Establish Strong Relationships?

During your work placement at an Aged Care facility  you have an opportunity to work one-on-one with individuals that have diverse life experiences, from a range of various backgrounds. You will expand your knowledge as well as your perceptions and begin to understand the elderly from a different perspective. The reason why many elderly people are living a life of isolation is because their immediate family members may not understand their unique needs or disabilities. When you engage studies in one of our aged care courses, you are in a better position to understand the needs of the elderly and handle them attentively and with compassion. The experience you garner from others in the industry further helps you grow and strengthen not only in terms of your knowledge/skill-set, but also as a person.

Choose From A Range Of Roles

Once you’ve obtained your aged care qualification, you can explore various, rewarding roles within the industry. There are relevant roles spanning the industry from respite work, personal care work, through to community care work and more. Join one of our aged care courses at our training organisation today and begin training for a rewarding career.

Contact our friendly and helpful support staff to help you to decide whether an aged care course is the best option for you!