Accredited First Aid Course In Sydney

First Aid is an essential skill that can come in handy in an emergency situation. You might even save someone’s life. To be properly prepared for this scenario you should complete and accredited first aid course. First Base Training offers a full day First Aid Course that covers everything you need to know in order to provide First Aid confidently. Here’s why you should complete an accredited First Aid Course.

Be Prepared

You never know when an accident is going to happen. It could be a stranger or someone you know. You might be out and about, in the workplace or at home when disaster strikes. Serious illnesses and injuries require immediate first aid or CPR which saves lives. You can’t predict what will happen and it’s best to be prepared so you can help if you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Best Chance of Survival

You can ring an ambulance but it takes time for them to arrive. Even those first few minutes are crucial to survival. If a casualty requires CPR, administering it straight away can sometimes determine whether they live or die. Accredited First Aid Training teaches you what you need to know in a practical environment to prepare you and increase the patient’s chance of survival.

For Your Job

Learning First Aid should already be a priority; however, it might be necessary for your job as well. It might improve your career prospects when job hunting. Employers generally will only accept accredited First Aid Certificate to verify your training. Aside from being compulsory for your job, knowing how to administer First Aid is an essential skill.

 Respond Quickly

Often the time it takes to respond to a First Aid situation is critical. The patient often needs assistance immediately. There are apps on your phone, or First Aid manuals that you could have on hand. However, being able to put these into practise straightaway rather than wasting time reading instructions is more important. Have them embedded in your memory so you can act immediately in an emergency. First aid courses should be completed regularly to maintain certification and with it fresh in your mind you should be able to draw on this knowledge quickly if needed.

 React Confidently

By the time paramedics reach the scene if inadequate First Aid has been provided it may be too late. The people first on the scene often panic and forget what to do. There may be a concern that they won’t do it right and do more harm than good. This compromises the chance of survival of the affected person. A thorough First Aid course such as the one offered by First Base Training will enable participants to have the confidence to perform First Aid in any scenario.

Completing an accredited First Aid course could be the difference between life and death for someone. It gives you the skills to respond quickly and confidently. A First Aid certificate is compulsory for a number of professions and could increase your job prospects. For an in depth and hands on accredited First Aid training course contact First Base Training for enrolments.

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